Product Testing

Otafuku Sauce

Otafuku Okonomi Sauce

30/08/2022 ~ 16/10/2022(SGT)

Application Ratio: 11.05

Project Overview

We are recruiting product testers for Otafuku Sauce. The product we'd like you to taste and evaluate is "Okonomi Sauce." After using the product in your own cooking, your task is to answer a survey that consists of a maximum of 15 questions, asking you to evaluate the dish you made with the sauce, how else you think you could use the sauce, and so forth.

We'll also ask you to upload photos of how you used the product. If you can also share your photos of the dish to social media such as Instagram that would be especially appreciated (but not required). Posts (submissions) may be used by the client and Japan Spark on the websites, social media, and print media operated by them.

Application Period

September 13 to October 16, 2022

Max Number of People

20 people (In the case of more than this number of applicants, participants will be decided via a selection process)

Number of Survey Questions

15 maximum

Answer Period

October 31 to December 16, 2022


S$10 gift card to Amazon or Qoo10 (you can choose after you are selected for this project)

About Otafuku Sauce

Otafuku Sauce was founded in 1922 as a soy sauce wholesaler and sake retailer. In 1938 it began producing vinegar, and in 1950 it expanded to Worcestershire sauce. Hearing from an okonomiyaki restaurant that the sauce they were using was too thin and tended to run off the grill, Otafuku Sauce developed, through trial and error, a thicker sauce that was ideal for okonomiyaki. Today, Otafuku Sauce has three factories in Japan and overseas manufacturing based in the United States, China, and Malaysia. The company makes a wide variety of sauces and other products, spreading the appeal of nutritious okonomiyaki throughout the world.

Company website:

About the Product

Otafuku Okonomi Sauce

Okonomi Sauce is a blend of around 20 different kinds of spices with a wealth of fruits and vegetables. This is a mellow sauce characterized by a sweet and rich flavor, created from carefully sourced dates. Its use is by no means limited to that of a topping for okonomiyaki – it can be added to a wide range of dishes for extra flavor. Try it with a few of your favorite dishes and you’re sure to discover a new blend of flavors!

Please see the following page for detailed ingredients and allergen information.

After reading the product page, did you understand the product description, ingredients, etc.? 
(If you have any concerns about the product — for example, you want to check that it doesn't conflict with allergies or other dietary restrictions, etc. — please contact us.)

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