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Cooking with Mackerel Bouillon Ramen

29/09/2022 ~ 30/10/2022(SGT)

Application Ratio: 3.1

Project Overview

In this online cooking class led by a professional instructor, you'll learn a delicious and refreshingly different take on Japanese ramen using a recipe that features Iwasei's miso-flavored Mackerel Bouillon Ramen.

After the class, we ask that you use the Mackerel Bouillon Ramen in your own cooking, adding toppings or other ingredients as you like so that the end result is different from the recipe introduced in the cooking class. (You'll receive two packages of the product: one to use in the cooking class, and one to use after the class.)

Finally, we'll have you answer a survey asking your opinion about the cooking class, details about the second dish you made, and have you include photos of your second dish (maximum 15 questions).

As a thank-you, at the end of this project you'll receive a S$10 gift card to Amazon or Qoo10.

Participants must have a Zoom-compatible device with microphone and camera.

Application Period

September 30 to October 30, 2022

Max Number of People

20 people (In the case of more than this number of applicants, participants will be decided via a selection process)


S$10 gift card to Amazon or Qoo10 (you can choose after you are selected for this project)

Number of Survey Questions

Maximum 15 questions

Answer Period

From the date of the cooking class until December 16, 2022

About Iwasei Co., Ltd.

Founded in 1832, Iwasei is a seafood products company that specializes in mackerel. Our fish come from Kogawa and Yaizu ports, located in Suruga Bay in beautiful Shizuoka Prefecture, south of Mt. Fuji. Our business encompasses everything from buying the fish at port to freezing and production, storage and sales. At Iwasei, deliciousness, safety and trust are the cornerstones of our philosophy as we continually strive to develop products that integrate the old and the new.

About the Product

Mackerel Bouillon Ramen (Miso Flavor)

Shizuoka Prefecture has one of the largest catches of mackerel in Japan, and our employees that buy the mackerel directly at Kogawa Port have a discerning eye for the very freshest. Our factory that freezes the fish is located close to the port, ensuring the utmost freshness before processing. Our healthy, halal ramen contains no MSG, livestock meat, alcohol, or oil, and no other additives besides kansui (water with a high alkali salt content). We use mackerel in both the soup broth and noodles, resulting in a unique ramen in which you can really taste the natural umami flavor of the nourishing mackerel.

Please see the following page for detailed ingredients and allergen information.

Cooking Class Date & Time

Friday, December 2, 2022, 7:00 to 7:50 PM (SGT)


Introduction to the product: 5-10 min
Cooking: 30 min
Questions & comments: 5-10 min

Total time: approximately 50 minutes

Cooking Class Menu

Mackerel Bouillon Ramen with Chili & Lime

Mackerel Bouillon ramen topped with grilled mackerel fillet, red onion slices, fresh cilantro, lime and hot chili sauce. 

Ingredients you need to purchase and prep yourself: mackerel fillet (or a substitute such as fishcakes, fishballs, etc.), red onion, fresh cilantro, lime, red chilis, chili sauce (or an alternative, such as sambal).

About the Instructor


Born in Tokyo and raised in the US, Sachi appreciates culinary contrast and balance between the two cultures. Currently ambitious to share her food journey through teaching American cooking to Tokyoites.


Please be sure you meet the following requirements before applying to this project:

  • You have a device with a camera and microphone that can connect to Zoom
  • You can purchase and prepare the necessary ingredients that aren't provided free
  • You can answer the survey questions in a timely manner after the cooking class (maximum 15 questions)
  • You are OK with your face being recorded during the cooking class, and understand that images or video from the cooking class may be used on websites, social media, or print media managed by Iwasei or Japan Spark SG.
  • You agree not to resell the provided products or ask someone to do this project in your place.

After reading the product page, did you understand the product description, ingredients, etc.? 
(If you have any concerns about the product — for example, you want to check that it doesn't conflict with allergies or other dietary restrictions, etc. — please contact us.)

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